Terms and conditions for Fiskey111 dONATION PROGRAM

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you, the user/donor, are agreeing to abide by all laws or regulations in your area and will not hold Fiskey111Mods accountable for any violation.

By pressing the "Donate Now" button and completing the donation using squire, you are agreeing to Fiskey111Mods terms and conditions.  Donors should be 18 years or older; if a donor is not an adult, then it is recommended an adult perform the transaction on their behalf.

Any donation to this site is considered 100% voluntary and the donor is not entitled to any benefit, special treatment, advantage, product, or service in return for the donation.  Any donation received is not-refundable as they are not considered a purchase.

Fiskey111 maintains the power to revoke a user's access to any bonuses at any time for any reason.  This may be done for a number of reasons, however a typical example would be violation of these terms or if a user/donor shares software without permission.  This list is not comprehensive and are simply there to give the user/donor an idea of some reasons.

These bonuses are given with the explicit expectation that you agree to the following:
1. These bonuses may have restrictions on the updates/early-access versions of my modifications including sharing of any media or information
2. These bonuses do not entitle you, the user/donor to commercial use of any update/early-access content

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not donate and email Fiskey111 to discuss your issues.

Thank you!